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We're well-seasoned organizers with nearly 30 years of combined campaign management, political strategy, and grassroots advocacy experience. Our passion is ensuring organizations, candidates, and companies are motivated to improve the lives of people and that they have the tools and operational systems to achieve tangible results. That's why we cut through the BS and deliver useful strategies to jumpstart and improve your programs from day one. 

This is a tagline about our usefulness.

Currently fully booked and not taking on new clients

Justin is an experienced organizer and advocate. His wide-ranging policy reform expertise includes issues such as marijuana, campaign finance, tax, and wage fairness. In addition to his role as a Partner at Useful Strategies, he is also a partner at Unfiltered.Media and runs the non-profit Better Organizing to Win Legalization / BOWL PAC. For five years, Justin was the federal lobbyist for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), the nation's largest and longest-running marijuana consumer advocacy group. Prior to joining NORML, Justin served as a legislative aide in the Virginia State Senate, where he drafted the first marijuana reform legislation introduced in the chamber, a precursor to the Commonwealth legalizing marijuana in 2021. In addition to his policy reform efforts, Justin has more than a decade of electoral campaign experience managing federal, state, and local races in 13 different states across the country.  

Justin enjoys going to the batting cages, a good dive bar with Dana and/or friends, and strategizing on how to make the world a better place.

Justin Strekal


Dana Bye


Dana is an experienced policy advocate and campaign manager. Prior to co-founding Useful Strategies, Dana served as the Campaign Director for Tax March, a national nonprofit focused on advocating for tax fairness through grassroots lobbying and targeted paid communications. During the 2020 cycle, Dana built and directed a $7 million statewide economic accountability campaign educating Wisconsinites about former President Trump's disastrous economic policies. In 2018, Dana led Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger to a victory against Tea Party darling, Dave Brat, in Virginia's “Strong Republican” 7th Congressional District. Before managing campaigns, Dana served as a communications specialist in the U.S. Department of Energy and Minnesota State Senate. Through these experiences and more, Dana developed her strong budget management, operations, distributed organizing, and media relations skills. 

Dana enjoys singing karaoke, a good dive bar with Justin and/or friends, and growing the most beautiful mammoth sunflowers you can imagine.

At Useful Strategies, we offer:

  • General Consulting

  • Campaign Strategy 

  • Communications Support

  • Grassroots Lobbying Strategy and Training 

  • Digital Media "Tune-Ups"

  • Other Assignments as Necessary

Currently fully booked and not taking on new clients
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